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Wednesday was so fun! We were woken up, and taken for breakfast at Eggilocious. The food they served us was so good! We had potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. The staff there were awesome! So sweet, and talkative- everything you want in a server!

After breakfast, we hopped on the bus, and went to the marina. We got to tour around and walk along the water and see the boats. It was such a beautiful view! The water looked endless, and there were neat old cargo boats to see. We stopped at a fountain, and there was a big brick spot were all 82 of us practiced our walk ( and our sass ). We then walked back to the bus and we’re off for our next journey.
We got off our bus at the Mississauga Canoe Club, and were kindly welcomed by the staff. Half of our group ate lunch while the other half went dragon boat racing! The boat racing was so cool because I’ve never done it before. We all paddled at the same time and it was neat because once we got going we went so fast! It was so fun being outdoors for such a long time, and so nice to get out after long days of rehearsal.
We were told to bring a cocktail dress because we were going out for dinner so we all quickly changed and we were off! The destination of our dinner was unknown, but we ended up in Niagra Falls! We ate supper at the Greg Freeman magic show and it was amazing! Afterwards, we had the experience of a lifetime and visited the falls. It was night time and the lights shining on the water was so pretty. Something I’ll never forgot for sure!


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My platform is Free the Children, because I believe that anyone under any circumstance has a chance, and with determination we can all make a difference.

I find it inspiring how at such a young age, Craig Kielburger founded the Free the Children foundation. He believed in making a change, and had faith that he could better the lives of others. I feel that we don’t always realize how privileged we are, and forget about other problems occurring around the world. Some live without basic necessities, such as water, food shelter, and clean surroundings.

I feel that if we work together, to benefit our society for the better, we can positively make a huge difference. If we empower the youth, more people will know about about the existing problems in our world, making it easier to create change.

My high school educated me with this charity, and we raised enough money to build a school in Africa, and this year built two fresh water wells.


Love Molly, Miss Teen Regina





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Hi all,
two days ago, I was at the I Love Regina day! I met many people, and it was very fun to represent my city and take pride in where we live with those who were there! I’m lookingforward to nationals very much, less than two weeks and I’ll be there! Im thrilled to represent Regina, and Saskatchewan in the competition. I had the chance to meet the mayor, which was a great experience to meet someone else who represents our hometown!


I’m wrapping up my campaign for nationals and if anyone would care to donate to Free The Children or to my sponsorship you can contact me by email. The link is in my description. Thank you for the continuous support!


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There are many reasons why us Canadiens are respected around the world. Such as our patriotism, kindness, and genuineness.

We often forget what it means to be Canadian. We have freedom of speech, will, and endless opportunities. We love who we chose, and I feel that this is important in today’s society. Our country legalized Same-Sex marriage over 8 years ago, while some countries are still battling the decision. In doing so, we have the right to speak up for what we believe in and who we want to be.

Canada is known for our diversity. In 2011, census of population counted more than 200 languages spoken at home thoughout our country. We are home to over 35 million people, some of which have dreamed of living here, and had been finally given the chance. I have eight different cultural backgrounds, and our country’s diversity is important to me, because with so many backgrounds, I feel that multiculturalism is what makes Canada so special. We’re always welcoming, with open arms & an open mind for new changes.

Another important thing that we are recognized internationally for, is our manners. We are raised from a young age to say our pleases, our thank you’s, and our excuse me and pardons. We are polite and respectful to those around us. With respect comes acceptance, and we portray that in many ways! Such as, having the freedom to go to your church, or temple, we accept all races and religions.

We are so privileged to live in a country like this, a country that provides free education and healthcare, whether you’re female or male, black or white, old or young, Canada will attend to your needs no matter what. I find this inspiring to become a better person each and every day, because with these morals and goals set, we can achieve anything. The actions of love and kindness that we provide, restore faith in humanity, and with the strength and determination our nation has, we can make a difference one step at a time.

I am beyond grateful to call this beautiful country my home, and will be forever thankful for all that it provides me. I am blessed to live somewhere so special, and serene. I love my country and all that it has to offer.

Go Canada go!🇨🇦



PS: t- 18 days until nationals!

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