Hey everyone!

Yesterday I was just to tired to blog so I’ll just recap the last two days for you. Yesterday was filled with rehearsals from sunrise to sunset followed by the preliminary competition. That means the top 20 has been decided! We were judged on runway, bathing suite and evening gown. I felt really good about my showing so my fingers are crossed for tomorrow!

Today we had rehearsals again all day but this time a special visitor came to take part. Luke BilykPhoto: Like always my ability to capture a man's attention is parallel to none. Luke Bilyk, its evident we are soulmates. from Degrassi! Degrassi is actually my favorite show ever since I was twelve so meeting my screen crush was super cool. The numbers are looking good and I am excited for tomorrow! Tonight was the Talent Gala and it was hands down the best talent show I have ever to/in ever. It was like taking each girl that is the best in the country at her genre and craft and putting them all in a show together. Photo: On the red carpet today lookin like an A lister and what not, lol.Not one person duplicated a talent and it was an insane show. I felt so happy to be a part of it, I only wish my family could have been here. We have yet to know the winner but honestly how in the world do you pick a winner from all of that!?

The food tonight was an amazing buffet and we got  unlimited dessert. Needless to say I cheated a little (I am in my bathing suite for the world tomorrow night haha oops..) A girl only has so much will power. I am thrilled for what tomorrow has to bring and I can not believe the winner will be crowned tomorrow night!


-Danyelle Dreger

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