Hello all!

I’m happy to say that I am Miss Teen Regina 2015, and will be going to Toronto this summer to nationally compete in the Miss Teen Canada pageant. I’d like to thank all of my supporters and sponsors so far, and am very excited to see what the future brings!

I am a grade 10 student, and am involved with many things. I’ve been competitively singing with a multiple national award winning group for nine years. The people that I have been involved with over the years have significantly left an impact on me and am so happy to know such wonderful people. Photography has also been a big part of my life recently, and have taken photos and held shoots for many friends and families. I hope to become even more involved and get my name out in the open.

Fashion has always been something I’ve taken interest in. I love my brands, and am always excited to go shopping. A few of my favourites are Tommy HilfigerCalvin Klein, and Lucky Brand. Fashion has opened my eyes to different ideas, and has helped me to be able to express my own individual style. I also have an excessive amount of shoes, and love my Converse, Nike, Birkenstock, and Kenneth Cole.

My family is very important to me, and I’d like to thank them for all of their phenomenal support throughout the last while. They’re all SO helpful and reassuring in their own individual quirky ways. I come from a large family on both sides, and have relatives scattered across North America, and I love them all very much and am thankful for all that they have done for me!

As for my title, I plan on getting involved with my city as much as possible throughout my year of reign. I will be making multiple appearances, and I’m looking forward to meeting so many more amazing people. I will be posting my upcoming events on here and on my facebook page, so check out the link!

-Miss Teen Regina 2015

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