Today was officially day one of pageant week! My flight was scheduled to leave at 5:20am so I was up very early. Unfortunately there was a lack of people working at the check in desk at the airport and we ended up waiting in line for about an hour. Right as it was our turn it was announced that I, and about 10 other people missed our flight. I was very disappointed as the only other flight going to Toronto would land at 8:30pm, which meant I would miss the big welcome party for all the delegates and  learning about our wonderful sponsors for the pageant this year. Some of the amazing sponsors for Miss Teenage Canada are Wright Spa, Hi-Tec Shoes, Golden Glamour Goddesses, and Motives by Loren Ridinger.

Although I was disappointed about missing the welcome party, I tried to look on the positive side. We ended up flying in the opposite direction of Toronto, which was Edmonton. We had a two hour layover then finally boarded the plane for Toronto! When I got to the hotel I met one of the pageant director’s, Michelle Weswaldi and my chaperon. I was then taken up to my room and met my roommate. I am so exited for tomorrow and I am so grateful to be competing in this pageant all week.

Miss Teenage Regina 2014



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