Today was a great day. We started off the day by going out for breakfast then came back to the hotel to start rehearsals. First we all worked on our swimwear and evening gown walks with Jillian Martin (Miss Teenage Canada 2013) and our chaperone Courtney. They gave us all some wonderful tips and I am already feeling more confident for preliminaries tomorrow night. Next Shawn came in and we started working on our awesome opening number dance.

After rehearsals we all went up to our rooms and got ready to go to the Medieval times for supper. Medieval times was so cool! We all sat down in a big stadium with comfy chairs and tables. In the middle of the stadium there were horses and riders battling. It was a role play of knights and kings in the Medieval times. I was on the red side so I cheered loud for the red Rider and horse who ended up winning! Also at the Medieval Times, they serve you so many amazing meals but, you are not aloud to use utensils. You have to eat everything with only your hands. They gave us some really tasty soup, a chicken leg, some a ribs, some garlic bread, a potato and a really great desert.

After Medieval times, we all got back on the bus and had a small party on the bus singing to the radio. Lastly we got back to our hotels and went to bed.

Miss Teenage Regina 2014

Written by: Amy
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