My platform is Free the Children, because I believe that anyone under any circumstance has a chance, and with determination we can all make a difference.

I find it inspiring how at such a young age, Craig Kielburger founded the Free the Children foundation. He believed in making a change, and had faith that he could better the lives of others. I feel that we don’t always realize how privileged we are, and forget about other problems occurring around the world. Some live without basic necessities, such as water, food shelter, and clean surroundings.

I feel that if we work together, to benefit our society for the better, we can positively make a huge difference. If we empower the youth, more people will know about about the existing problems in our world, making it easier to create change.

My high school educated me with this charity, and we raised enough money to build a school in Africa, and this year built two fresh water wells.


Love Molly, Miss Teen Regina





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