Wednesday was so fun! We were woken up, and taken for breakfast at Eggilocious. The food they served us was so good! We had potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. The staff there were awesome! So sweet, and talkative- everything you want in a server!

After breakfast, we hopped on the bus, and went to the marina. We got to tour around and walk along the water and see the boats. It was such a beautiful view! The water looked endless, and there were neat old cargo boats to see. We stopped at a fountain, and there was a big brick spot were all 82 of us practiced our walk ( and our sass ). We then walked back to the bus and we’re off for our next journey.
We got off our bus at the Mississauga Canoe Club, and were kindly welcomed by the staff. Half of our group ate lunch while the other half went dragon boat racing! The boat racing was so cool because I’ve never done it before. We all paddled at the same time and it was neat because once we got going we went so fast! It was so fun being outdoors for such a long time, and so nice to get out after long days of rehearsal.
We were told to bring a cocktail dress because we were going out for dinner so we all quickly changed and we were off! The destination of our dinner was unknown, but we ended up in Niagra Falls! We ate supper at the Greg Freeman magic show and it was amazing! Afterwards, we had the experience of a lifetime and visited the falls. It was night time and the lights shining on the water was so pretty. Something I’ll never forgot for sure!


Written by: Molly
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